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Booking conditions/Terms and Conditions at the Hotel Art Inn Hotel Dinslaken
General terms and conditions of business
These general terms and conditions apply to your booking made via this booking system. For group bookings, we recommend that you contact us directly via email or telephone.
1. Scope
These General Terms and Conditions apply to all contracts for the rental of hotel rooms, studios and apartments for accommodation that are concluded between the Art Inn Hotel Dinslaken (owner Hans Jürgen Rüffert) and third parties (guests) as well as to all other services and deliveries provided pursuant to Art Inn Hotel Dinslaken (guest accommodation contract).

2. Reservations
By making a reservation, the guest offers to conclude a guest accommodation contract. If the booked room is available, the guest will receive a reservation confirmation from the Art Inn Hotel. By accepting the reservation made by the guest, a guest accommodation contract is concluded between the Art Inn Hotel Dinslaken and the guest.
Offers from Art Inn Hotel Dinslaken regarding available rooms are subject to change and non-binding. The Art Inn Hotel Dinslaken may, at its own discretion, refuse to conclude a guest accommodation contract.
There is no entitlement to use the overnight accommodation service in a specific room. The Art Inn Hotel Dinslaken reserves the right to define industry-standard restrictions such as minimum stays, booking guarantees or deposits for certain dates.
Changes to bookings:
To avoid misunderstandings, all changes must be made by telephone, email or fax. If we enable this option, the guest can also do this directly online via the system. The decisive factor for the timeliness of the change is the arrival of the notification at our hotel.

3. Cancellation periods
A guaranteed reservation occurs when the guest confirms payment for the accommodation service by providing a credit card number. A guaranteed reservation can be canceled free of charge up to 6:00 p.m. on the day of arrival by providing the reservation number. Cancellations after 6:00 p.m. are excluded and the Art Inn Hotel Dinslaken retains the right to the agreed remuneration less any saved expenses. The same applies if the guest does not appear (no show). In the case of guaranteed reservations lasting several days, all subsequent nights from including the second night will be canceled in the event of no-show and the guest is not entitled to the following nights.
Simple reservations, i.e. reservations for which payment by the guest is not yet guaranteed, are valid until 6:00 p.m. on the day of arrival. After 6 p.m. the reservation expires automatically and free of charge. The Art Inn Hotel Dinslaken is entitled to rent the reserved room to someone else.
Section 14 applies to group bookings, allotment contracts or bookings during event times.

4. Accommodation prices and other prices
The prices stated by the Art Inn Hotel Dinslaken at the time the contract is concluded apply. The applicable prices are gross total prices and include all statutory taxes, fees and charges.
In the event of changes to tax, fee and duty rates as well as the effective levying of new taxes, fees and duties previously unknown to the parties, the Art Inn Hotel Dinslaken reserves the right to adjust the prices accordingly. For contracts with consumers, this only applies if the period between the conclusion of the contract (booking confirmation) and the contract adjustment exceeds four months.

5. Payment Terms
The price of the entire booked overnight service must always be paid in advance by the guest, at the latest upon arrival at the hotel.
Offsetting by the guest is excluded unless the offsetting relates to an undisputed or legally established claim.
Valid means of payment are in euros, EC card, Master Card, Visa Card, Diners Card and American Express.

6. Possible uses of reserved rooms
Reserved rooms are available to the guest from 3 p.m. on the day of arrival and until 11 a.m. on the day of departure. Upon request and depending on availability, a late check-out can be arranged with the hotel in advance. If the hotel agrees to a late check-out, the hotel is entitled to charge EUR 10.00 per hour or part thereof for the additional use of the room. For departures after 3 p.m., the full daily rate of the room will be charged. There is no contractual right to a late check-out.

7. Resale
The resale/rental and/or transfer of booked rooms is prohibited. In particular, it is not permitted to forward rooms and/or room contingents to third parties at prices higher than the actual room prices. The assignment or sale of the claim against the Art Inn Hotel Dinslaken is also not permitted. In these cases, the Art Inn Hotel Dinslaken is entitled to cancel the booking, especially if the guest provided untrue information to the third party about the type of booking or payment during the assignment/sale. Using the hotel room for any purpose other than accommodation is expressly prohibited.

8. Liability of the Art Inn Hotel Dinslaken
The Art Inn Hotel Dinslaken is liable for damages resulting from injury to life, body or health for which it is responsible. Furthermore, the Art Inn Hotel Dinslaken is liable for other damages that are based on an intentional or grossly negligent breach of duty by the Art Inn Hotel Dinslaken as well as for damages that are based on an intentional or negligent breach of typical contractual obligations. A breach of duty by the Art Inn Hotel Dinslaken is equivalent to that of its legal representatives, employees or vicarious agents. Further claims for damages are excluded unless otherwise regulated in these General Terms and Conditions.
If disruptions or deficiencies occur in the Art Inn Hotel Dinslaken's services, the Art Inn Hotel Dinslaken will endeavor to remedy the situation upon knowledge or immediate complaint from the guest. The guest is obliged to do what is reasonable to remedy the disruption and keep any possible damage to a minimum. Furthermore, the guest is obliged to inform the Art Inn Hotel Dinslaken in a timely manner of the possibility of exceptionally high damage occurring.
The Art Inn Hotel Dinslaken is liable for items brought in in accordance with the statutory provisions. The claim expires if the guest does not notify the Art Inn Hotel Dinslaken immediately after becoming aware of the loss, destruction or damage to the item brought in. If the guest wishes to bring money, securities and valuables with a value of more than EURO 800 or other items with a value of more than EURO 2,000 into the hotel, this requires a separate written agreement with Art Inn Hotel Dinslaken.
If the guest is provided with a parking space in a public parking lot, even for a fee, this does not constitute a storage contract. The Art Inn Hotel Dinslaken has no obligation to monitor. The Art Inn Hotel is not liable for damages for which other tenants or other third parties are solely responsible.
All claims against the Art Inn Hotel Dinslaken generally expire within one year from the start of the statutory limitation period. This does not apply to claims for damages or other claims arising from injury to life, body or health and/or due to a grossly negligent or intentional breach of duty by the Art Inn Hotel Dinslaken.

9. Termination of the guest accommodation contract
The Art Inn Hotel is entitled to terminate the guest accommodation contract for good cause. An important reason exists in particular if (i) force majeure or other circumstances for which Art Inn Hotel is not responsible make fulfillment of the contract impossible, (ii) rooms or rooms are culpably booked with misleading or false information or with the concealment of essential facts; The identity of the guest, the ability to pay or the purpose of the stay may be essential, (iii) The Art Inn Hotel has reasonable grounds to believe that the use of the service endangers the smooth business operations, the security or the public reputation of the Art Inn Hotel can, without this being attributable to the control or organizational area of the Art Inn Hotel; (iv) the purpose or reason for the stay is unlawful; or (v) in the case of resale/rental and/or intermediation (see clause 7).

10. Vouchers
A voucher purchased from Art Inn Hotel Dinslaken can only be redeemed for hotel services in the hotel noted on the voucher. If there is any remaining credit left when making payments with the voucher, it will remain and can be used for further payments in the hotel. The validity period of the voucher is 3 years from the date of issue. Vouchers cannot be returned, are not resellable or transferable and are not redeemable for cash. The vouchers cannot be used for online payments. The person ordering the voucher is responsible for providing the correct data (in particular e-mail address) to which the voucher and invoice should be sent.
Cancellation policy: Declarations regarding vouchers can be revoked within 14 days without giving reasons in any form (letter, fax, email) or, if the voucher is handed over before the deadline, by returning the voucher. The period begins after receipt of this instruction in text form, but not before the recipient receives the voucher. To meet the cancellation deadline, it is sufficient to send the cancellation or the voucher on time. The revocation must be sent to Art Inn Hotel Dinslaken, Hans Jürgen Rüffert, Bahnhofsplatz 9, 46535 Dinslaken, fax + 49 2064 465656100 or by email: info@artinn-hotel.de

11. Food and drinks brought with you
In the public areas, it is permitted to consume food that you have brought with you after consultation. Breakfast can only be taken in the designated rooms in the public area (cafe lounge, garden terrace). It is not possible to take the offered breakfast items with you. In-room preparation is only permitted in studios & apartments.

12. No smoking in the hotel
The Art Inn Hotel Dinslaken is a non-smoking hotel. It is therefore forbidden to smoke in public areas as well as in the guest rooms. In the event of a violation, the Art Inn Hotel Dinslaken has the right to demand an amount of EUR 150.00 from the guest as compensation for the separate cleaning costs, including any loss of sales resulting from the inability to rent the room. This compensation amount is to be set higher or lower if the Art Inn Hotel Dinslaken proves that the damage was higher or the guest proves that the damage was lower.

13. Pets
Bringing a pet is not permitted. Bringing an animal with you at breakfast or in the hotel café is not permitted.

14. Group bookings/contingent contracts/event times
For group bookings of more than five rooms and allotment contracts, separate payment and cancellation conditions apply, which result from the relevant contracts.
Different cancellation periods apply for bookings during event and trade fair times. These are shown in the booking process and on the booking confirmation.

15. Data Protection
The data entered by the customer is processed electronically by the reservation system. This data will only be passed on to the extent necessary for a booking. It will not be passed on for other purposes. Otherwise, the statutory data protection regulations are adhered to when collecting data.

16. Final provisions
Changes and additions to the guest accommodation contract or the general terms and conditions must be in text form. Unilateral changes or additions by the guest are invalid.

The place of jurisdiction for all disputes arising between the parties from the contractual relationship is Dinslaken, provided the guest is a merchant, a legal entity under public law or a special fund under public law.
German law applies.